aboutConnor : He/Him : Male
✧ Transgender, Unlabled
✧ Theatre Kid, Aspiring V/A and Actor
✧ I use tone tags!
✧ Single<3
✧ I am a satanist!
✧ Ask about my vent server if you want to be in it<3
nicknamesCon, Con Con, Connie/Conni/Conny, Connyroll, Hydro, and anything else you can think of with my approval<3likesSanrio, Bluey, Stars, Will Wood, reading, writing, The Outsiders, Corpse Bride, Coraline, Jack Stauber, Mitski, music, etc.
dislikestransphobes, homophobes, and racists, cosplay and furry antis, proshippers, biggots, yelling, and loud noises

before you follow/interact

DO NOT INTERACTtransphobes, homophobes, racists, cosplay antis, furry antis, proshippers, toxic stans, 21+Ask To Interact10 years and below, 18-20 year olds, MHA Fans, Helluva Boss and/or Hazbin Hotel Fans, Creepypasta Fans, FNF Fans, Stranger Things Fans (fandoms listed because I have had generally bad times with these fandoms)PLEASE InteractIf you like any of my interests/likes, LGBTQ+ Community, One Topic or The Click Fans, artists, authors, voice actors, fanganronpa creatorsPlease don't use 'kys' jokes when talking with me. I don't find them funny, whether you mean them or not. I do use dark humor with close friends, but I don't really appreciate 'kys' jokesPlease check my pronouns page before interacting

If you can't tell, I really like stars!!
I love Will Wood! My favorite album is EIAL, and my favorite song is Jimmy Mushroom's Last Drink, Cover This Song, and Wasting Away Again in Bupropionville. I own a WW hoodie. Some of my art is inspired by Will Wood, as well!
Sublime is another favorite artist of mine. I really love D.J.'s, Waiting For My Ruca, and Scarlet Begonias.
I love Sanrio!! I own so much "merch" and other items. My favorite character us Cinnamoroll I really love the stuffed animals :D
I am partially interested in Project Sekai and Vocaloid. I love KAITO, Len, and Tsukasa Tenma
I love to read. I love The Outsiders, They Both Die at the End, and Timeline!!